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New Interlude X20 OFF-Like - 23 November / According to the old winter custom!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!




According to the old winter custom


OFF-Like Interlude X20


November 23, 2018


[ Description ] [ Registration ]




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Multinational Community

Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Lithuania, Venezuela, Romania, Bulgaria, USA, Moldova, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Spain, Chile, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Netherlands, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Peru, Italy, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Algeria, France, Mexico, Latvia, Israel, Portugal, Thailand, Hungary, Morocco, Uruguay, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Belgium, Sweden, Ecuador, Canada, Albania, Vietnam, Norway


Huge fan base

+ 14.000 Euro for advertisment and attracting new users!




Grand Opening - November 23, 2018


15:00 (gmt -3) Argentina, Brasil
19:00 (gmt +1) Poland, Germany, Spain
20:00 (gmt+2) Lithuania, Greece, Ukrain
21:00 (gmt+3) Moscow


Remember how it was before...   ;)



You did not play on L2Realm, yet? Oh good Lord!





You may ask: "What about Big-War"? Everything good.


RiseOfAbyss, RedMightyTeam, MadPro, InfraRed, League, xSide, Future, OpClan, TOPHACHSIDE, Smite, CriticalStorm

Of course, all these clans can play on the L2Realm X20 because we Free to Play!

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Development, promotion and advertising of the project:



This is just the beginning!


Available excellent proxy for Brazil and Argentina and other users. Proxy to optimize server response.




  • Experience ( and SP )x20
  • Adena : x10
  • Manor: x1
  • SealStone: x7
  • Drop: x10
  • Spoil: x7
  • Quest: Reward ( adena / experience )x7


  • RB exp: x15
  • RB drop: chance x2, quantity x1
  • Epic RB: x1





- Autoloot / auto-learning skills
- Non automatically skills: Fast HP Recovery, Boost HP
- Mana Potions can be bought in the store (300 MP reuse 7 seconds) - can not be used at the Olympiad Games
- Available 24 slots for buff
- Cursed weapons will be active, a week after the start
- The cost of all teleporters: x10, for 79+ characters
- Number of Boxes: 9
- Weight limit is increased for all characters in 6 times
- Increased rent for clan halls up 200kk, the auction may only clan leaders 6+ lvl
- Room with NPC "for the entrance to the Frintezza" is now a PVP-zone






- Primeval Isle: only 3 spawn points of Tyrannosaurus (with drops Top-grade: Life Stone) a chance to drop a Life Stone 14%
- Ant Nest ( Anti-relog system 5 minutes )
- Zaken's ( Anti-relog system 5 minutes )
- Floran Vilage: zone with the NPC loyal to PK



Sieges are held once a week:
- Time: Saturday at 18:00, Sunday at 16:00 ( GMT +1 )



Seven Signs 7 day cycle ( 4 days - during the struggle, 3 days - period Seal )
Start of the seven seals - November  26:
- Event period: 16:00 Monday - Friday 4:00 ( GMT +1 )
- Seal period: Friday 4:15 - 15:45 Monday ( GMT +1 )







- No-grade shots: 1500 ( for fighters ), 700 ( for mages )
- 10 Scroll of Escape ( can not be dropped / traded )
- Scroll of Wind Walk ( 2 level, duration - 1 hour )
- TOP No-grade equipment is issued at the start.



1 and 2  profession without the quest, can be purchased for Adena.
- 1 profession: 150.000 Aden
- 2 profession: 1.500.000 Aden
3 profession full quest:
- The drop rate of Halisha Marks is increased by 4 times.




- Outfitting up to B-grade
- Soulshots, Spiritshots from D to B-grade
- Quest items
- Consumables, potions and mana



NPC Buffer in each town, free buff to 61 level, after - paid.
- The buff from NPC buffer 2-profession ( buffs, dances, songs ) for 60 minutes ( without resists and pets buff )
Buff of characters:
- 1-2 profession buffs for 60 minutes
- Resists: standard
- 3 profession buff: standard / 3 profession dances and songs: 5 minutes ( 2 minutes resists dance/song )



Passage quest is not required, exchange 4 quest items and Adena to the possibility of getting sub-classes.
Required items:
- Cabrio's Scepter
- Hallate's Scepter
- Kernon's Scepter
- Golkonda's Specter
- Adena




Standard quest.
axe.png Increased drop rate for the popular quests
-  A Game of Cards: x5
-  Delicious Top Choice Meat: x5
-  Guardians of the Holy Grail: x2
-  Seductive Whispers: x5
-  Seekers of the Holy Grail: x2
-  The Zero Hour: x2
-  Legacy of Insolence: x5
-  Supplier of Reagents: x5
-  The Finest Food: x5
-  Relics of the Old Empire: х2-x3
-  Gather The Flames: x2-x3
-  Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2: x5
-  Alliance with the Ketra Orcs: x3
-  Alliance with the Varka Silenos: x3
-  Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force: x5
-  In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension: x3
-  War with Ketra Orcs: x3
-  War with the Varka Silenos: x3


axe.png Olympiad Games

2 Weeks Cycle
- Start of the first cycle: December 3, 2017
- First Heroes: December 17 00:01, 2017
- Time from 20:00 to 00:00 ( GMT +1 )
- To start the non-class fights needed: 5 people
- To start the class struggle is necessary: 5 people
- The class and non-class fights are held from Monday to Sunday




Respawn Time:
- All  bosses: 12:00 / 8 Random time
- Sub-class bosses (4 bosses): 6 hours / Random 2 hours
- Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Noblesse): 6:00 / Random 2 hours
- Bosses at Alliance Varka / Ketra: 20 hours / 1 hour Random




All Epic bosses are dead from start.
Spawn time:
- Core: 80 level: 36 hours + 2 hours
- Orfen : 80 level: 36 hours + 2 hours
- Queen Ant: 80 level: 24 hours + 2 hours
- Zaken : 80 level: 48 hours + 2 hours
- Frintezza: 48 hours  + 2 hours
- Baium : 80 level: 5 days + 4 hours
- Antharas: 8 days+ 2 hours
- Valakas: 11 days


Core and Orfen drop changed:

  • Random Interlude A grade weapon - 100% chance;
  • S-grade weapon and armor enchant scrolls;
  • Lifestone 67 lvl.
  • Ring and Earriing drop chance 100%





At every Castle you can find special NPC that can summon a Castle Raid Boss ( once at 24 hours )
Castle Raid Boss info:
- The Leader of the Clan that own a Castle can summon Castle Raid Boss once at 24 hours
- Once the Boss will be summoned you have 60 minutes to kill him
- Boss will summon Raid Fighter every 5 minutes
Castle Raid Boss drop: will be announced soon



To upgrade one's Earring of Orfen - find Gallagucci in Luxory Shop, Giran.





Item_49575.jpg Enchanted Earring of Orfen: + 31 MP, CON+1, MEN+1, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells.      
Item_49578.jpg Refined Earring of Orfen: + 31 MP, CON+2, MEN+2, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells.


Enchanted Earring of Orfen
- Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200


Refined Earring of Orfen
- Enchanted Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100






To upgrade Ring of Core - find Gallagucci in Luxory Shop, Giran.






Item_49576.jpg Enchanted Ring of Core: + 21 MP, +1 STR, +1 INT, +15 chance of physical crit, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy.
Item_49579.jpg Refined Ring of Core: + 21 MP, +2 STR, +2 INT, +30 physical crit chance, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy.
Enchanted Ring of Core
- Ring of Core x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200
Refined Ring of Core
- Enchanted Ring of Core x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100





Some info: There is no hellbound level, Steel Citadel, some quests are deleted.

Hellbound will be opened after first death of Antharas

Dynasty equipment will be forbidden for the first two periods of the Olympiad(1 month).

When the members of the group have colllected 20 of Darion's Badges each, they should make their way to the Hidden Oasis southeast of the Megaliths. There they can find the trader Falk, riding on his well-armed native servant, who will exchange Darion's Badges against a Basic Caravan Certificate.  
For 30 Traitor's Necklaces and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers, Caravan Merchant Hude, who is staying at the Caravan Encampment east of the Sand Swept Dunes will issue a Standard Caravan Certificate. 
The last stage of the quest is collecting items from Chimeras and Celtuses. If an adventurer has captured :   :80 units of regular Life Force and 20 units of Contained Life Force, he or she can exchange the Life Forces with Hude at the Caravan Encampment for a Premium Caravan Certificate. For this purpose one first needs a magical bottle which can be obtained from Kief, who has now set up his command post in the central building of the village, for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. When a Chimera has been beaten almost to death and only 1/10 of its life energy remains, the magical bottle can be used to capture its life force: Dim Life Force or regular Life Force from the lesser Chimeras and Contained Life Force from Celtus, their leader. 
The monsters on the island will upon their death occasionally drop an old book, the famous "Ancient Tome of the Demon". If one opens such a book, one will obtain, purely at random, a Demon Contract Fragment, a Hidden First Page or a Hidden Second Page. Hude will exchange his recipes and equipment parts against those pieces of paper.
The information about Dynasty sets stats will be posted later! 
Map    ;) :




Raid Boss Messenger of L2realm at Hellbound location:



  • Boss respawn: from 22:00 to 23:00 
  • Respawn location: center of Hellbound Island
    • Respawn of the Boss will be announced worldwide.
  • Drop from Messenger of L2realm:
    • Item_49576.jpg Enchanted Ring of Core - 30%
    • Item_49575.jpg Enchanted  Earring of Orfen - 30%
    • etc_mineral_unique_i03.png Top-grade Life Stone 76 lvl - q-ty from 5 to 10, chance 50%
    • etc_codex_of_giant_i00.png Secret Book of Giant - q-ty from 5 до 10, chance 70%



it's high time topost-1620-0-17404400-1508663944.pngon L2Realm!

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Update information:

Hellbound will be opened after first death of Antharas.


Location description and quests will be described later in a separate topic.


[ Hellbound ]

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