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Update server ISA x20: 15/01/2016

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Update server ISA x20: 15 January
Dear players! On the server Interlude ISA x20 entered with the following changes:
  • Added combat zone in Queen Ant area-respawn.
  • Removed from Herbs drop everything except the MP / HP.
  • Removed arrows from the drop loot.
  • Increased the drop of whole things in response to complaints from players on the low chance.
  • Dualsword craft stamp for 10kk section Adena goods and Col goods.
  • The square in the Rune / Goddard non-trade, near the Gatekeeper.
  • Fixed skill Turn undead, Banish Undead.
  • Added teleport Primeval isle in Rune Gatekeeper.
  • Fixed a memory leak when auto-loot included.
  • Fixed mobs to attack the type pole (spear), hurt the players that they did not have to beat.
  • Fixed exploit trade.
  • Increased degree of protection authorization from password guessing.
  • Changed database configuration is working to increase productivity.
  • Switched on the RAM disk, SDD has not coped with the task.

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