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What is TFF?
The Final Frontier or abbreviated TFF is an alternative branch of the game after Interlude, a chronicle developed by the Shock team.
End of Interlude is part of the chronicles of our game. With each upgrade, retaining the basis of the interlude, we continue to follow our own path, developing the game in a different direction from the usual one.
What better TFF than other chronicles?
TFF is no better and no worse, they are just different. Imagine that the game can develop along a different path, that instead of The Kamael installed on official servers, End of Interlude would be installed, and then something else. You can survive completely new emotions and experience of the game, cool, agree.
Play with different classes, compositions of groups. Learn a new way for yourself to develop a character or get acquainted with interesting mechanics by experience. Fill new bumps on your mistakes or with the awareness to approach the process of the game.
In our developments, we do not just mix it out what is from different chronicles. We really create new and unique chronicles of the game.
We want to show you how the game can develop differently. We create a balance, pull out weak professions and at the same time do not break the usual strong classes and mechanics. For example, tanks for the first time in a long time became a playable class.
In TFF you can play not only destrami, bows and magicians.
  • Here you will find different variations for the game, more opportunities for development and content is not limited only to reaching the level as in interlude.
  • There are no huge number of instances as in hf
  • Or blocking content as in gf, when the first one has the attribute king and god.
TFF is for people and about people. The rare case when the situation in the game directly depends on the players. And even after many months, the chronicles remain relevant and interesting.
TFF is dynamically developing, always boldly walking forward a project that is not afraid to go on an uncharted track.
In TFF, content is constantly developing, something new always appears. It is the already established content that is being developed, that is, we are improving the foreign game to the end game. This applies to both classes and various subjects, and in the future, locations. We develop the game not up, as NCSOFT did, but into a screen, showing all the multifaceted nature of our beloved Lineage.
Anyone interested in a long game will find it here. Behind us are more than 13 years of high-quality and reliable work WITHOUT vipes. Huge development experience, our assemblies and concepts are the best in the field of fries. We are proud of our experience and ability to unite players, develop and maintain servers for many years.

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