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Cyclical macros

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Cyclical macros
To facilitate the gameplay, cyclic macros were implemented on TFF chronicles.
They differ from ordinary macros in their ability to continuously repeat, the duration of work is up to 40 minutes.
If any action is taken during its execution (move the character, use the object/skill, open the interface window), the macro execution is interrupted. You cannot also add another macro to a macro.
How do I run a circular macro?
To run a continuous repeat of a macro, you must:
1 - Create Macro
Open the macro interface in the menu (Alt + R)
Press the Add key
Write the name of the macro, if you want, you can change the icon. Then fill in the macro itself
Click Save
2 - Move to Panel
Move the macro from the menu to the Skyline panel:
3 - Right-click on macro
Now your macro is running continuously.
Answers to the most frequently asked questions
Question: I turned on the cyclical macro and moved away from the computer, can I be slaughtered for it?
Answer: Cycle macros inside the game you can use at your discretion. There is no blocking on the macro for the character left unattended. However, by leaving the character unattended on a macro outside the peace zone, you risk being killed by another character or monster.
Q: I launched several characters on a cyclical macro, can I be mistaken for a bot?
Answer: They cannot. At the software level, we are able to distinguish a game cyclical macro from prohibited software.

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