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Open beta test - 17 November

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OBT start: 17 November at 20:00 (CET / GMT +1)

After the OBT all character will be deleted.

Account registration is already available. Feel free to create account. Files are going to be available before the OBT.


Go to server description ] | Registration and files ]

If you have any suggestions - feel free to share them in special section of our forum.

  • All charecters after creation appear in the Giran Town's church
  • All skills will learn automatically
  • Grand Olympiad period - 24h, changing of heroes every day
  • Grand Olympiad equipment enchantment limitation - Weapon +7, equipment +6
  • Epic Boss respawn - 1h

You can find NPC Miss Queen during the OBT at Giran Town that will provide you with some useful items and services.

  • You can set any level
  • You can set any profession
  • You can get any equipment
  • You can get any items (Enchant Scroll, Life Stone, Books and other)
  • You can get some of the quest items
  • You can get sub-class
  • You can get Nobless status
  • You can set any amount of SP

Level UP





Dear Friend,post-1620-0-44259900-1508659121.pngfor Open beta Testing!

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List of changes:

Primeval isle:

  •  Tyrannosaurus - 20 % weakened protection against bows.
  • All the monsters on the island - 50% weakened protection against bows.
  • Tyrannosaurus - 20 % weakened magical defense.
  • Tyrannosaurus - added drop Hight LS



Silver Box

  • Scroll of Chant of Victory
  • Scroll of Magnus Chant
  • Scroll of Prophecy of Water
  • Scroll of Prophecy of Wind
  • Scroll of Prophecy of Fire
silver chest you can get from the Shop Master. You will need a gold chest and 1 Coin of Luck
Gold Box
  •  EAA, EWS, EAS
  •  Top grade lifestone 76
  •  High grade lifestone 76
  •  Unique Headpiece
To open you'll need coin L2realm.
don't forget to do the update

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