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Open test ISA: Stage 1

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The first phase of beta for the server ISA x20!
Dear players! We are planning to run 2 phases of beta for the ISA x20. In the first phase players can test skills,olympiad and sieges. In the second phase you will be able to test the server as it will be in the Grand Opening,without any help.
Start of the first phase:
Friday evening (18.12.2015)
Beta of the first stage will have different features than the original x20 , to make easier tests for the community and of course 
it may have some restarts and updates to make a perfect Gran Opening.
Important Information:
You must update your client with this for a better gameplay having everything updated
Description of the first phase:
  • You can add any level to your char
  • You can take sub class and noblesse
  • Auto-learn skills
  • Auto pick up
  • All items from D to S are buyable with 1 adena
  • Olympiad
    • Period: 24 hours
    • Starts: 0:00
    • Ends: 23:59
    • Olympiad Enchant: weapon +8 / armor +6 / jewelery +6
  • Epic Respawn: 1 hour
  • Custom Primeval Isle may not be the same as in the Grand Opening
How to increase or decrease level of your char in Beta:
Start on Beta:

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Open beta already closed ? bcz i cant register my account  :mellow:

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